What are the Best Tips to Keep Thieves Out of My Home?

Homes that are robbed often offer an inviting target to the would be thief. Certain items such as securing doors and windows, foliage, lighting and other elements can actually help someone have an easier time breaking into your home. The best way to find these problems is to do a walk around your home and pretend you are trying to break in. You will start to see many items that need to be changed. Below is a list of various things that you should be on the look out for:

- Foliage can be a great help to a thief. Tall trees can be an easy access point to an upper story window. Make sure
that they are kept neat and away from the windows.

- What kind of lighting is around your home? If you have areas near the house that create shadows and dark
spots, these are excellent entry points for a thief.

- The locks on your doors and windows should be strong and secure. Having steel doors and quality windows
makes it much harder to get in. Deadbolts and other protective securing devices can keep your doors from being
broken into.

- Do you display your high cost personal items where everyone can see them? Keeping items such as stereos,
electronics equipment and other valuables in easy sight through windows creates a temptation.

- How do you know who is knocking on your front door? Have a see through hole installed can give you a heads up
on who is outside. Using a door chain makes you have to open the door, creating a potentially dangerous

- Your extra key belongs on you or with a trusted next door occupant. Hiding it under a rock or elsewhere in the
yard is a welcome invitation to a thief.

- One of the best frontline defenses against theivery is to put in a quality alarm system. You can even possibly
save money on your homeowner’s insurance for doing so.

Your personal habits also have an effect on whether or not a thief targets your home. For instance, pick a time each evening to secure your home at all entry points and to turn on your alarm system. Keeping alert can help you to spot people who are acting out of the ordinary nearby. If you see someone that you suspect, report them to the proper authorities. It also not advisable to store your house key in or on anything that has your first or last name engraved or on it.